G.I.F’s: Simply for fun or for any PolArticlal preference?

The term Graphics Interchange Format is a new one for me, during my time at secondary school we called these ‘web memes’ and they usually consisted of a smutty video being opened on some, poor unsuspecting victim’s computer while they escape the for a well-earned toilet brake (cigarette). These G.I.F’s were usually under quite innocent names such as ‘Lemon Party’ or ‘Meat spin’ (that last ones probably a bit blatant) and usually depicted middle aged men doing some quite disturbing things which are put on an endless loop so your teacher thinks you’re putting wrinkly porn before your education. This usually resulted in detention and a hugely uncomfortable phone call home…

While researching for this article, however, I found that some, probably more matured and sane people have put this technology to better use by looping pretty things like the cycle of a plants life or a hilarious facial expression, expressed over and over by a politician, and its always fun to laugh at politicians. I personally believe that G.I.F’s should be used for documentation on turbulent and excessive events happening in our world today, such as the recent, savage beatings of protesters in Athens and the rest of Europe as well as horrendous use of brute force by the military in god knows where else. These G.I.F’s should then be beamed into the minds of those responsible so they cannot escape from the guilt which should be consuming them.

Sorry to end on a morbid note but to conclude I really think any use of visual communication can be used for fun, art or, most importantly, protest.



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