Finn and Gillian sat in their local, The Sandy Bar, submerged in silence. They’d been hanging out there for several months now; had been in the same school together for several more and had eaten, slept and drank side by side for the larger part of their existence. They drank a lot.

Friends become inseparable after witnessing a natural disaster.

It had been just another deep blue day – as were all the others – when they found themselves completely alone. As usual they had been meandering not too far from their school mates; Finn especially hated being in school and couldn’t stand the synchronized solidarity of the others, they were all just the same. He despised their childish dependence on each other, just because their parents had taught them from the beginning – safety in numbers kids – “They got no appreciation for individuality!” Finn would cry to Gill as they nibbled on their lunches and Gill would usually reply in earnest, but he just hung there, mouth gaping. “Finn, look.”

Finn looked. As he turned he felt an ominous rumbling that made his insides quiver and his heart stop. The sight itself was worse: a colossal writhing mass, being dragged effortlessly through the sky by an impossibly dark bellied monster that left nothing in its wake. “W-what on earth is that?” he sputtered to Gill, “My da’ used to tell me stories about it when I was small” Gill replied in awe, “They call it The Net”.


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